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May 2012



Investigator Spotlight

Advancing Comparative Effectiveness Research
Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) goes beyond comparing a new drug or intervention to a placebo. It actually does a comparison to current treatment options to see which truly delivers the best results. In this video, Michael Forbes, MD, director of Clinical Research and Outcomes Analysis for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, discusses how CER is employed at Akron Children’s Hospital. Here, Dr. Forbes explains one example, a Vapotherm study, which provided data on how this device showed a reduced need for mechanical ventilation.

Research News Updates

Orthopedics research wins honors
Three Akron Children’s Orthopedics Department research study abstracts were featured at the most recent American Academy of Pediatrics' annual meeting. Two received special recognition by garnering first and third place honors. Read more

Telehealth grant for behavioral health care
Children with mental health issues won’t have to travel far to receive care, thanks to a grant from the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation in Hudson. The foundation recently awarded Akron Children’s a $463,593 grant to create a new telepsychiatry program. Read More

Featured Clinical Study

Treating migraines in teens
Severe migraine headaches can plague some adolescents, interfering with school attendance, exercise and other activities. Akron Children’s Hospital’s Headache Clinic is part of a large multi-center study of migraines in about 2,400 patients, ages 12 to 17. Known as the TEENZ Study, the double-blind, placebo-controlled design is evaluating three strengths of zolmitriptan nasal spray. Read more

Translational Science Seminar

Biofeedback in Adolescents
Biofeedback teaches patients how to control their body – respirations, heart rate and more, said Ethan Benore, PhD, BCB, at a recent Akron Children’s Hospital Translational Science Seminar. It is being studied as a way to speed recovery from concussions in children. Read More

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